Terms and Conditions


1.1. The game provider, aaacasino.co.uk.

1.2 The Operator offers services under the UK Tax and Customs Board’s online gambling license HKX0011, issued on November 1, 2016.

1.3. The Customer (or You) is a natural person who is registered and accepted as a gaming customer of the Operator. To use the Operator’s gaming service, the customer must first deposit funds into the Operator’s bank account.

1.4. The Member Account on the Website is used to manage the Customer’s gaming expenses, refunds, and winnings. The Member Account is only for use in the Gaming Service. The Operator may, for security reasons, limit payments into the Member Account.


In the event of a technical or political disruption, the Operator is not liable. Refunds are solely at the management’s discretion.

(2) The Operator accepts no liability for damages or losses arising from or connected with the Website or its content, including but not limited to delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, data loss or corruption, communication or line failure, misuse of the site or its content, errors or omissions therein.

2.3. The Operator reserves the right to declare a customer’s gaming event void if: it was offered, requested, or accepted due to a mistake; or third parties acting jointly with the customer intend to circumvent the Terms and Conditions; a customer is barred from participating in gaming events where he or she may directly or indirectly influence the outcome;

The outcome of the event has been influenced by illegal activities.


3.1. The Operator’s goal is to entertain. Our goal is to keep you safe and secure. We expect our clients to use our services responsibly.

3.2. You are not required to play any games. This website is for entertainment purposes only. The Website and games are provided “as is” with no express or implied warranties.

3.3 The Operator complies with all Estonian laws. We won’t let you use our services if you’re banned from gambling. The Operator reserves the right to request additional documents from the Customer and to close their Member Account.

3.4. You may choose to stop playing on the Website at any time.


Apart from these terms and conditions, you must always follow the applicable gaming rules for all games provided by the gaming service. Any violation of the gaming rules or the terms and conditions of this agreement renders the gaming event void, and the customer forfeits any winnings from such void games. A customer’s breach of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement or of the rules may cause games to be declared void by the Operator.

4.2. If a customer finds a bug or other error in the system, they must immediately log out. A gaming system bug or error can never benefit the customer. The customer must notify the operator immediately if they discover a bug, prohibited behavior, or other error in the gaming service. The customer’s gaming event is declared void in whole or in part by the Operator for any of the following reasons:

The gaming event was offered, requested, or accepted by mistake; Customer or third parties working together to evade the Agreement. A customer is barred from participating in gaming events where he or she may directly or indirectly influence the outcome; The outcome of the gaming event has been influenced by criminal activities.

4.4. All actions relating to the Member Account must be taken personally, and all payments must be made solely for the benefit of the customer. No one else may use the customer’s Member Account to access the gaming service.

4.5. The customer may not create multiple player accounts. If the customer creates multiple accounts, the operator may close the accounts and seize the funds.


5.1. The Operator’s trade name and logotype, along with all related trademarks, product and/or service names and slogans are the Operator’s property and may not be used in any way without the Operator’s written consent. In no event shall the customer be granted a license or right to use any trademarks or names appearing on the Operator’s website or in connection with the gaming service unless expressly authorized in writing by the Operator or third party.


A change to these Terms and Conditions by the Operator is effective immediately. However, it is solely your responsibility to check for any amendments, updates, and/or modifications.


7.1. If you have a complaint about our services, please contact us via Live Chat.

7.2 The Operator will try to resolve the issue quickly.

A claim from the UK Tax and Customs Board or a client related to the conduct of an Operator-organized game or a representative of the Operator related to a game organized by the Operator will be investigated.