Play keno numbers now at one of our recommended online casinos. Compare the best online casinos for lottery games and read expert reviews. Win big when you play keno online at our recommended casinos. You can also learn how to play Keno and get some great tips.

Learning the Game

  1. Uncommonly, real money keno games consist of just a few buttons. While each online keno game is unique, these are the elements you can expect to see.
  2. A keno card is a giant grid of numbers. It’s like a big lottery ticket with numbers 1 to 80. Online keno games usually have eight rows of ten numbers each.
  3. Pay Table – This shows your payout based on how many catches you make. In keno, hitting more numbers doesn’t always pay off. Instead, you get paid if you hit a high percentage of numbers. For example, catching 6 of 6 selected numbers could net you 1800x your bet, but 6 of 14 numbers could only net you 2x.
  4. With the Quick Pick button, you can let the system pick the numbers for you. That of most state lotteries.

Play Online Keno

  • Play online keno. If you’re not sure where to start, look at the keno games offered by our top picks.
  • Pick your digits. Most keno games allow you to pick between 1 and 20 numbers. It’s entirely up to you how many. Remember, the more numbers you catch, the higher your payout rate.
  • Decide on your bet per draw. You can change your bet amount by clicking the arrows next to it.
  • Then you’ll be asked how many games you want to play. For example, if you bet £1 on your numbers and play 5 games, it will cost you £5.
  • Wait until the numbers are drawn to see if you won! The system will draw the maximum number of Xs or checkmarks. Then you’ll be paid based on how many numbers you hit.

Keno Rules

  • While keno is a simple game to learn, it’s always good to review the rules. When playing, keep in mind the following game elements.
  • Keno has 80 numbers, but you can’t pick them all. Depending on the casino, you can choose between 15 and 20 numbers.
  • While some online casinos allow you to play just one number, others require you to play at least two.
  • In a land-based casino, you must wait for a keno game to begin before seeing your payout. You decide when each game starts online.