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We are a friendly, reliable company, offering  Fun Casino's for private and corporate events all over the country, we can supply anything from one table to twelve tables in one location full staffed by our professional dealers and croupiers.
We are fully insured and comply with the 1976 Amusement and Lotteries Act



Charity Casino's

Fun Casino's are a great way to raise funds for a worthwhile charity and fundraising event.

AAA Casino offer the best rates to all registered charities, please contact us for an instant quote i am sure you will be surprised.

There are a number of ways we can run a charity casino :-

  • We charge you the full fee for the casino tables and entertainment for your guests. You then charge each of your guests an entrance fee to cover the cost of the entertainment and some profit for your charity. Once they have used up all of there fun money they can then purchase more fun money from a charity appointed person, this money is redeemable at each casino table for chips so they can carry on playing.
  • Alternatively we still charge you the full setup and running fee as before, but everyone who attends has to purchase fun money from a charity appointed person, this fun money is then exchanged at each table for chips so they can play. We can supply unlimited amounts of customised fun money with you logo.

As with all casino its a good idea at the end of the night to give a small prize to the person who has the most chips left.

To help with the cost of the casino entertainment its a good idea to ask local businesses to donate a small amount of money in exchange for promotional displays near each table.

Ask a local business to donate the prize, this will help with the marketing of the night.


Please remember the following

It is your responsibility to appoint the charities treasurer for the evening.

It is your responsibility to organise the sale of fun money, AAA Casino's staff are not allowed to handle cash or cheques.

The winning prize is not allowed to be a cash prize.

AAA Casino's is not responsible for the shortfalls of the overheads of any event, all profits must be paid to the appropriate charity







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